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This site can be used to submit development/building plans, apply for a permit, request an inspection, and search for permits or development projects issued or submitted. Please see detailed instructions for each process below:

Please contact us with any questions you may have at (704)283-3816.

Inspection requests received after 4:00 PM shall be deemed to have been received on the next business day.

1. To apply for a permit, request an inspection or to submit a development/building plan you must first login to the system or create a login if you are a new user.
2. To “Login” or create a “New Account” go to the upper right corner and select New Account or Login. You do not need to login or create a new account if you wish to do a simple search of permits issued or projects in process.
3. For more information on applying for a permit, requesting an inspection or to submit development/building plans, please see the sections below. You can view video tutorials by selecting “Tutorial Videos” in the left margin.

Apply for a Permit or Request an Inspection

Building Code Enforcement strives to complete all inspections in a timely manner, typically the day requested. However, there are times when the number of requests is more than can be completed in a single day. These requests are carried forward and will be completed as soon as possible.

If an occupied residence is scheduled for an inspection, please note a number on the inspection request that the inspector should call prior to arriving. This will prevent a homeowner from waiting at the residence for the inspector to arrive. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.

To apply for a new permit select “Permit Application” in the left margin. Select the permit category & type, then follow the process to submit an application. Once the permit has been issued, select “Schedule Inspection” in the left margin. Examples of permits available online are:

1. Residential & Commercial Buildings and their Accessory Structures
2. Electric, HVAC, Gas and Plumbing Permits
3. Temporary Use & Special Event Permits
4. Sign Permits
5. Zoning Compliance for New Businesses
6. Fire Prevention, Daycare & Foster Homes

Submit Plans for Development Projects

To submit development plans select “Create Project” selection in the left margin. Select the project type and follow the process to submit. For revised plans, select “My Projects” in the left margin and follow the process to resubmit. Examples of projects available online are:

1. Commercial Site Plans
2. Minor Subdivisions
3. Sketch Plan for Major Subdivions
4. Preliminary Plan for Major Subdivisions
5. Final Plats

Searching for Permits or Development Projects

To search for existing permits and development projects you do not need to login into the system or create a new account. Select “Permit Search” or “Project Search” in the left margin. You can search permits by date range, subdivision/lot, permit number, tax parcel number or contractor. Projects can be searched by location or date range.

Please contact us with any questions you may have at (704)283-3816.

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